Working time according to DGUV





Coordinated support


≤ to 10


fixed support deadline

All companies not taking part in the entrepreneur model underlie the obligation of so called „coordinated support”.

  • Basic support through expert for work safety and company doctor in specified time intervals, according to supervision group (see below table).
  • Information of the staff about the support (especially naming a company doctor)
  • Documented risk assessment 
  • Execution of the work safety measures ascertained in the risk assessment
  • Support with special occasions 


Supervision group

Longest possible deadline to repeat the basic support

Standard value for the time scope of the basic support


1 year

8 hours


3 years

8 hours


5 years

8 hours




Coordinated support


from 11


basic and specific company support


Basic support

1. Support in the risk assessment (evaluation of the work conditions)  

2. Support in basic measures of work structuring – situational prevention

3. Support in basic measures of work structuring – situational prevention  

4. Support in creating a suitable organisation and integration in the leadership activity.  

5. Examination after events 

6. General advising of employers and managers, workforce company representations, employees  

7. Drawing up of documentation, fulfilling obligations to report

8. Contribution to company meetings 

9. Self-organisation



Specific company support 

1. Regularly occurring specific company accident and health hazards, requirements for a healthy work environment (8 task fields):

1.1 Special tasks 

1.2 Work stations and workplaces which have special risks

1.3 Tasks and work organisation with special risks 

1.4 Requirement of occupational medical care

1.5 Requirement of special company demands in personnel placement

1.6 Safety and health under conditions of demographic change 

1.7 Work structuring to avoid work related health risks, preservation of individual health resources in connection with work 

1.8 Support in further development of a health management 


2. Company changes in the working conditions and in organisation (5 task fields):

2.1 Acquisition of basically innovative machines, equipment 

2.2 Basic changes in creating new workplaces or workplace equipment; planning, new construction of operating facilities; conversion, new constructions

2.3 Introduction of completely new substances, materials

2.4 Basic change of company procedures and processes; basic change of the organisation of working time; basic change, introduction of new work procedures 

2.5 Specific requirements to create a suitable organisation to carry out the measures of work safety, as well as the integration into the leadership activity, and to build up a system of risk assessment


3. External development with specific influence on the operational situation (2 task fields):

3.1 New regulations which entail extensive changes for the company  

3.2 Further development of the status of technology and occupational medicine relevant for the company 

4. Occupational company actions, programmes and measures  (1 task field):

4.1 Priority programmes, campaigns as well as support of actions for health promotion 



Supervision group



Sum of operation times for company doctor and safety expert

Hour /year per employee




Of these -20%
company doctor




Of these -20%

company doctor




Of these -20%

company doctor

Part time employees,

with a regular weekly working time of not more than 20 hours with 0.5 as well as part time employees with a regular weekly working time of more than 20 and not more than 30 hours with 0.75 are to be considered.