Tasks of the safety expert according to the Work Safety Law   



The experts for work safety have to support the employer in work safety and in accident prevention in all aspects of work safety, including the humanly adequate working conditions.  Especially they have to,

1. advise the employer and the people otherwise responsible for work safety and accident prevention especially in the

a) planning, execution and maintenance of operational, social and sanitary facilities, 

b) in procuring technical work equipment and introducing work procedures and materials,

c) in selection and testing of means for body protection,

d) the organisation of workplaces, the work process, the work environment and in other questions of ergonomy,

e) the assessment of work conditions,

2.  check the safety of the facilities and the technical work equipment, especially before start up and work process especially before their introduction,

3. observe the execution of work safety and accident prevention, and in connection with this,

a) to inspect the work places in regular intervals, and communicate established defects to the employer or the person otherwise responsible for work safety and accident prevention, recommend measures to remedy these defects and work towards their implementation,

b) heed the means of body protection being used,  

c) examine causes of work accidents, collect and evaluate examination results, and recommend measures to prevent these work accidents to the employer, 

4. work towards that all employed in the company conduct themselves according to the requirements of work safety and accident prevention, especially to instruct them on the accident and health hazards they are exposed to during working as well as on the facilities and measures to avert these dangers and to cooperate in schooling the safety officers.