Economic efficiency



The right perspective… 

 As a rule, small and medium sized companies trust to accident insurer statements on forecasting costs caused by absent days.  Here, an amount of 500 Euros per absent day per employee is established as a realistic sum, which fact has also been stated in many publications.  Approximately 30% of the production downtime costs can be saved according to this due to the companies improving prevention.

Extensive damage or a heavy or fatal accident occurring in a company always wreaks large to ruinous effects on small and medium sized companies.  

Trade literature reports an examination of fire damages and major incidents from the 90s, in which a major incident caused 43% of the companies to be shut for good.  A further 28% had to close their place of business within three years.1 


1 Dr.-Ing. Lars Overath und Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Büchner (2008) Bochum: Verlag Technik & Information e.K., Wirtschaftlichkeit durch modernen Arbeitsschutz S.15/16