We work according to the ”ALL INCLUSIVE” principle for our customers.  No hidden additional costs accrue to you.  The tasks of the safety expert are regulated in section 6 of the Work Safety Law. 

Our ”ALL INCLUSIVE“ principle contains the following:

  • Measures “ALL INCLUSIVE“
  • Analysis “ALL INCLUSIVE“
  • Advice according to section 6 ASIG (tasks of the safety expert according to section 6 of the Work Safety Law)
  • Drawing up ”ALL INCLUSIVE“
  • No hidden additional costs  








GREYTasks of the management  

BLUETasks of the safety expert according to DGUV



All Inclusive services  

  • Company - construction site inspections    
  • Work protection committee meetings (WPC meetings)
  • Drawing up specimen risk assessments   
  • Drawing up instruction manuals   
  • Drawing up forms
  • Drawing up checklists    
  • Drawing up minutes     
  • Drawing up annual reports     
  • Drawing up explosion protection documents   
  • Schooling - instruction of staff